Centro di Psicoterapia e Psicoanalisi a Brescia

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Ellisse Centro di Psicoterapia e Psicoanalisi, è un centro privato nato nel 1996, che oltre alla attività clinica rivolta ai pazienti, eroga programmi di formazione rivolti a specialisti del settore, psicologi e medici.

Il Centro organizza dal 2002 corsi e seminari riconosciuti dal Ministero della Sanità attraverso le procedure ECM, in collaborazione con psicoanalisti e psicoterapeuti di riconosciuta fama nazionale ed internazionale. Grazie all’esperienza accumulata nel tempo, Ellisse ha raggiunto e soddisfatto i requisiti standards  di Qualità ISO 9001 per l’organizzazione di corsi nel settore formazione rivolta a Specialisti del settore Medici e Psicologi.


A tablet PC in every hand

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How To Top Categories Computers Home Entertainment Internet Phones Photography Security Tablets ForumsLog In to CNET Join Related Stories Microsoft cheap Michael Kors handbags tablets start strong in Europe January 28, 2003 Tablet PC: Scribbling into the future November 8, 2002 Microsoft launches tablet PC drive November 7, 2002 HP to offer three in one tablet PC November 5, 2002

Manufacturers are having a field day with their new tablet PCs.

Top vendors Hewlett Packard and Toshiba say sales of their tablet PCs tiny portable cheap michael kors outlet computers fitted with pens, touch screens and handwriting recognition technology are exceeding predictions made before the devices’ November launch. The machines are based on Microsoft’s Michael Kors from China Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software.

Toshiba several times has increased production of its Portege 3500 tablet, after having trouble meeting initial demand, said Mark Simons, vice president of Toshiba’s transactional business group.

Meanwhile, HP’s “tablet sales have been exceeding expectations from the day we launched,” said Ted Clark, Michael Kors handbags a vice president for HP’s personal systems group.

Tablet PCs are still a fairly small segment of the overall notebook market. But the devices have so far been a bright spot for manufacturers which are still feeling the effects of the PC market crash of 2001. The smaller machines have generated interest among the legal, real estate and health care industries, as well as from some consumers, executives from Toshiba and HP said.

HP’s 3 pound Compaq Computer tablet PC TC cheap michael kors 1000 is drawing customers who normally would consider a mini notebook weighing 3 pounds or 4 pounds, the company said.

“What appears to be happening is (the tablet PC) is helping to expand that portion of the market to others who’ve wanted to buy a small notebook or folks who may be buying a second machine to use with a desktop,” Clark said.

HP also has inked a few large corporate deals involving its tablet PCs. The company recently signed an agreement to provide 1,000 tablets to a cheap Michael Kors handbags large company, Clark said, but he would not disclose the company’s name.

Indeed, tablet PCs have “done better than the industry expected for the short period of time they’ve been shipping,” said Alan Promisel, an analyst with IDC. tablet PC shipments to reach 150,000 units in 2002. That figure is expected to jump significantly in 2003 to about 675,000 units, or roughly 5 percent of the overall notebook market, Promisel said.

But while those predictions are generally considered a good thing, the stronger than expected demand has left cheap Michael Kors Toshiba trying to keep up.

The company has boosted production by 100 percent or slightly more, Simons said. However, its tablet PCs though obtainable through its own sales arm aren’t always available from its sales partners. And while manufacturers prefer cheap Michael Kors handbags to have orders to fill versus having excess inventory on hand, at least some customers have grown unhappy waiting Michael Kors from China for their orders to arrive from Toshiba. “Each month we’ve improved each one of our (sales) channels from the previous month,” Simons said. “Once we move into the March time frame we will see an improvement.”

Meanwhile, sales of tablet PCs also have gotten off to a good start in Europe, according to a recent report by London based Context. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed.Articles Connexes: