Centro di Psicoterapia e Psicoanalisi a Brescia

Cinema e Psicoanalisi

Il cinema e la psicoanalisi hanno molto in comune: a partire dal secolo scorso hanno avuto una grande diffusione, con un forte impatto sulla nostra cultura. Merito del cinema è di mettere in scena, così come ne sogni portati in seduta, parti dell’individualità e dell’interiorità dell’essere umano.

E’ da qui che nasce l’idea di una rassegna cinematografica, Cinema e Psicoanalisi appunto, che si pone l’obiettivo di approfondire, grazie ai film, diversi aspetti della quotidianità che caratterizzano il vissuto di ognuno di noi.

Ellisse sostiene e promuove l’attività del gruppo Cinema e Psicoanalisi di Brescia, attraverso la sua struttura organizzativa e amministrativa.


Cinema e Psiconalisi 2012


Antonio Gates backs off Rivers comments

AlfredSome damage control was needed Monday.

Antonio Gates did as best he could.

The Chargers tight end, in the process of glowingly praising Philip Rivers’ toughness cheap Michael Kors handbags Sunday, let it slip the quarterback has been dealing with what Gates termed a “very severe rib injury” in recent weeks. The well intentioned comments when honoring a close Michael Kors Handbags friend, however, did not go over well at Chargers Park. Gates backpedaled in kind.

He addressed a group of reporters Monday at his locker.

The smile he flashed a day earlier was gone, his tone turned soft. Injuries are something a team, when possible, prefers to keep in house, particularly when related to the franchise quarterback.

“I think some things I had said were taken out of context,” Gates said. “I was just talking in terms of playing the game, just the typical soreness you have from playing in this league. I’ve been playing in this league a long time. I understand the process, the battles of what you have to put into a game, taking care of yourself physically.

“I’m no doctor, by (any) stretch. My job is to come out here and try cheap michael kors to help us win. As far as Philip goes, anything pertaining to him Michael Kors handbags outlet or concerning michael kors outlet him and his physical health, michael kors handbags that’s something maybe a doctor or a trainer or maybe himself can answer. Like I said, it was just me talking about his pure toughness, what I’ve known about him as a person.”

Coach Mike McCoy is known to have been irked over Gates’ initial comments Sunday following a 13 6 win over the Raiders.

He briefly addressed the topic Monday morning during a team meeting, drawing the line of what should and should not be said to media. In the afternoon, McCoy had Michael Kors handbags outlet to hold his own press conference during which he was directly asked, multiple times, if Rivers has a rib injury.

McCoy was careful when answering, downplaying but not denying.

“Philip’s never missed michael kors outlet a snap in practice, and he hasn’t been in treatment with James,” McCoy said, referring to James Collins, the team’s head athletic trainer. “I would not say it’s a severe injury. . I think Antonio was trying to say how tough he is. I think Philip’s one of the toughest quarterbacks in the game.”

Rivers hunched over Sunday after Raiders outside linebacker Khalil Mack delivered a blow to his midsection on a fourth quarter sack.

Concern on the sideline, as Rivers grimaced and was evaluated, was enough for reserve quarterback Kellen Clemens to throw warm up passes to a practice squad tight end. Shortly thereafter, it became clear Rivers would remain in the game.

The 32 year old has not appeared on the Chargers’ injury report this season. A team is not required to cheap Michael Kors handbags reveal an injury when the player is not considered in danger of missing an upcoming game.

“Not for once did I think he was going to go out of the game,” Gates said Sunday. “I watched the guy play with a torn ACL (in the 2007 AFC Championship Game). He takes some shots. He’s taken some shots all year. For those who don’t know, he’s been dealing with a rib injury, a very severe rib injury, so he’s been toughing it out these last three or four weeks.”

Reached later, Rivers declared Michael Kors from China himself as “all good,” saying he is “no more banged up than any other quarterback in the league.”.Articles Connexes: